Zhongshan Heben Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd.

About Us

Zhongshan Heben Lighting Appliance Co, Ltd. is located in the lighting capital of Guzhen Town.

Since its establishment in 2005, the company has been committed to LED lighting ring and promotion. Led has beenwidely used in lighting products in more and more countries and regions.

With many years of LED lighting product manufacturing experience and strong driving circuit design capability, uniqueappearance and structure design capability, the ability to continuously improvethe quality and rapid response to marketneeds, has grown into the LED lighting products market mainstream suppliers.

Concern about staff growth, LED lighting industry to become the elite, our company's human resources training goals.For LED low-carbon, environmental protection, green, energy-saving cause and efforts, is the direction of our company

HEBEN LED series products, at present, it has formed 4 series of lighting fixtures, such as coal safety, explosion-proof,fixed specialty and portable mobile, which are dedicated to providing professional lighting system solutions for coal,electric power, railway, metallurgy, petroleum, petrochemical, public security, fire-fighting, subway, stadium,

ship and Port Industries. General Science and Technology has a technology research and development center,

divided into the Electronics Department, the Structure Department, Certification Department, with a reliability laboratory(safety testing, photoelectric performance testing, weather resistance testing, etc.), and

equipped with a complete and advanced testing equipment, has obtained more than 40 kinds

of patent attestation. Products have been mining product safety certification, explosion-proof

certificate, fire product type certification, CQC, EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) ,

LVD (low voltage) certification, and through professional testing.

HEBEN welcomes you to join hands with US FOR A bright future!